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Game client 1 GB
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Server Stats
Version Season 6 Ep 16
Exp 9999x
Max Stats 32767
Points Per Level 5/7/7
Drop 70%
Opened since 3 July 2021
Full Play2Win options YES
Total Guilds 480
Game Masters 5
Players Online 362

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Top Characters
Name ML Lvl RR GR
Sh0bo-SM 400 400 10000 2408
Chipmunks 400 400 10000 1750
Sector7 400 191 4210 1600
4 MGsectoR7 400 1 1431 1222
5 CharaDW 400 400 5645 1100
6 Khrysos 400 400 4065 1079
7 Chescka 400 400 10000 1001
8 Royal 400 400 3057 1000
9 Malefico 400 400 7666 937
10 Maximo 400 137 7829 914

Top Guilds
Name Score Master
HideOUT 48 -Penta
!ELIT3! 42 MrFluffy
4 BROTHERS 22 Ysaak
6 X-AH-JIN 5 DLChuChai
7 WASALAK 4 Gregor
8 YinYang 4 KissXsiss
10 KALASAG 3 KrayvenII

Market Latest
Anubiss Ring of Fire + 15
Enis Legendary Helm + 15
Enis Legendary Armor + 15
Anubiss Legendary Gloves + 15
Enis Legendary Boots + 15
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Donation Discounts!

Hello players and newbies!

I am happy to announce Donation Discounts! 

The amount of discount is 30% and it is applied to all items listed in the Donate Items Pricelist page.
Donate Items pricelist: Price List
Donation items and sets visual previews: Forum

Contact us in Discord: Official Discord

Promotion time: 06.04.2024 - 08.04.2024 23:59 Server Time. 


2024-04-06 06:33

Donate Prices lowered

Hello players and newbies!

I wish to inform you, that I have decided to lower donate item prices. 
Following items are now cheaper:

Full Fire Weapon (BA and SH)
Full EDRI Weapon (BA and SH)
Full Fire set parts (BA, SH and Manticore)
Full HP set parts (BA, SH and Manticore)

New item added: Full REF Set part (BA, SH, Manticore)

New package added: Manticore Set, BDA Weapon(s), Wings of Power.

Following changes are already applied to Donate Items spreadsheet. Donate Items


2024-04-05 18:34

Donation Discounts!

Hello players and newbies!

I am happy to announce Donation Discounts! 

The amount of discount is 30% and it is applied to all items listed in the Donate Items Pricelist page.
Donate Items pricelist: Price List
Donation items and sets visual previews: Forum

Promotion time: 22.03.2024 - 25.03.2024 23:59 Server Time. 


2024-03-21 23:51

Kalt Stone

Hello players and newbies!

I have added Kalt Stone in drop of ALL maps. Drop rate is very low, however it should be enough to ease your struggle to find main Quest item. 
FREE Account drop: 20
VIP Gold Account drop: 30

I hope that this will help you to advance in your Quests faster. New Quest levels are expected in the beggining of March. 



2024-02-26 22:30

Fundimental change to our Reset system

Fundimental change to our Reset system. From now, both VIP and non-VIP users will receive small amount of Goblin Points for each reset.

Current setting is:
NON-VIP: 2 GP per reset
VIP: 6 GP per reset

With this setting you will receive 20,000 / 60,000 GP per 10000 resets which are required for 200 GR and Maximal HP Bonus activation. Therefore it is much more valuable to fight for VIP now, since the difference over 10k resets is 40k GP. 

Reminder, you can gain Free VIP Status in Forum event, in Weekly Rankings and in Vote Reward system. You can also donate for VIP Status in VIP Buy page. 


Free VIP Event in Forum:
Weekly Rankings BC/DS:
Vote Reward system:
Purchase VIP:

Also, please note that we have added otherwise obvious Rules of usage of our Official Discord Channel in ??????rules 

We did not add Grand Reset reward for non-vip users. We still want to have valuable VIP status to give you some good reasons to compete for it in Weekly Rankings and Vote Reward. 
I hope you will enjoy this update! GG.

2024-01-31 01:33

New Quest levels!

Hello players!

Once again, new Quest levels are added to game. Currently the maximal Quest level is 160.
During this levels (151 is probably the hardest Quest so far) you will need to hunt in non-afk mode - levels will require to hunt for Golden Monsters as well as Lunar Rabbits. 
On these levels we do not have special item prize on Quest160, however during the Quest you will receive significant amount of Goblin Points. 

Also, Christmas/New Year discounts are currently available. Full price list is available in User Panel after you have logged in successfully. 



2023-12-28 20:43

New Quest levels!

Hello dear players!

10 new levels for Quest system has been added. Quest150 will gain your Wings of Power for 1 week. 
I hope you will enjoy this small update. 

Sometime next week I am planning to add 10 more quests for the fastest Questers. Enjoy!

2023-12-02 23:34

Game Update RELEASED!

Hello players and newbies!

I am very happy to announce that GAME UPDATE is released! 
To connect and play, please download new game client from Downloads section. 

This game client also will have automatic DEP fix, so you should have literally 0 problems with connecting to the game. 
For support, suggestions, information - please join our Official Discord from User Panel in website (after log in).


Congratulations everyone!

2023-06-16 11:19

Information about upcoming update.

Hello players and newbies!

Upcoming update is approximetly 85% done. New update will include things as:

  1. Launcher with auto update, crc check and other features,
  2. 100% fixed all custom items and their visual effects,
  3. Fixed almost all bugs that we have in the game,
  4. Skin system,
  5. New mobs (custom mobs, we paid real money to buy them),
  6. New bosses (custom bosses, we paid real money to buy them),
  7. Daily login rewards,
  8. Improved server security,
  9. Party / Store search system,
  10. Maximal 10 people in one party,
  11. Other small things, for example LOADS of new quests with amazing reward at the end.

I hope to apply this update by end of the month, so we can start new month in upgraded server. 
Players in our Discord channel already seen quite few screenshots from the new server. Obviously, we will not change market system, valuable system or maps looks. 
We will not have any WIPE or deletion of any information during the upgrade. We don't do wipes, that is our promisse and we keep it. 

Until the update is finished, you can avail 20% discount on Donate Items. Full price list can be viewed in online document: Here.
GCash users can use Stripe as a payment method. It's tested - it is fast, easy to use and secure. For more details about donation, please contact us on Official Discord Channel. 


2023-05-23 17:24

Weekly Rankings update.

Hello players and newbies!

Following one of the players suggestions, we have updated Weekly Blood Castle and Weekly Devil Square rankings.
Starting from this week, the rankings reset and rewarding will be happening on Friday. This way, the price of VIP days (and other prizes) will be available for the winners of ranking over the weekend and you can use your VIP times more effective (Grand Resets and earn GP, for example). 

If you have good idea, never hasitate to share it with us. 


New server files are somewhere around 75% done by now, so big, big update will be soon available. 
See you online, have fun!

2023-05-18 08:30