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Latest news 21/10

Hello everyone! 

Here is the latest news. First of all, we have added to our team 2 Facebook Advertisers. This two people will share our facebook posts in Mu Online Advertise groups and try to bring new faces into the server! Two free possitions that we got was filled in on first day! Nice to see that!

Other news: there has been reports from players about SPAM going on in our server - I want to encourage every one of you to report any incidents (not only SPAM) to our team in Discord channel or on Forum. We are working hard to bring players to our server - no expenses are spared. We don't want our people to go to SPAM servers, which most likely will be closed after 2..4 weeks. 

Also I want to announce that we are recruting new GMs - targeted values are - Spanish/Tagalog/Polish + English languages AND perfect knowlage about Season 6. We understand, that it is almost impossible to know EVERYTHING - we got a good team on Skype which will help you with any problems. Even if you don't have any expierience in this - that doesn't mean that you can't be a good GM. Send your applications to my e-mail: [email protected]

Also recent report about bugged webshop items is solved - please let me know if you find any more problems. 

2021-10-21 23:13

Latest news 14/09

Hello everyone! 

First of all - we have an new GM, as you all noticed! His name is BAYANI. You can talk with him on English or Tagalog. Warm welcomes from all administration team! 
This new guy, he's good. He has some good ideas about events that will happen in Discord, and not in game. More details comming soon, but for now - join the Discord channel and stay tuned for more details! Also Discord join reward of 1000 GC is still available - Join, PM Gorgeous your nickname - and wait. She will add 1000 Gold Credits for new discord people. However, this freebie can be claimed only once - if you try to abuse this freebie - it will have consequences. 

Also our online numbers seem to be growin again, we are happy to see that players around the world recognize our efforts to make this the best Season 6 server out there! We promise to keep up the work, you promise to invite your friends! Thanks in advance! :-)

Cash Prize Castle Siege is going to happen this weekend, I remind you that requirement to unlock Cash prize - 100 Euro - is 3 attacking guilds. However, if for some reason we don't manage to get it this weekend - I will put all my effort into getting it done for next Cash Castle event. Invite friends and other Guilds to join our battle!

Ingame auctions are happening every 2 weeks and for last 4 auctions we have a vote for items you need. We will keep this tradition of asking our players which items you need and give exactly what is asked for. 
Auction currency is SOL (Sign of Lord) and it can be looted in Gens quests and other ingame events, GM events (SOL Rain). 

2021-09-14 15:25

UPDATE on 3 and 4 September

Hello everyone! 

Here is some info about the update that we made on Game Client (Vers 1.4).

1. Added strong Antihack(Game Guard)
2. Fixed Server Time on F4
3. Some small typos fixed

Also some changes in PVP Balance was done on 04.09

RF vs RF damage has been increased by 25%
DL vs ALL CLASS except BM damage has been increased by 5-10%.

Don't forget to about Cash Prize on Castle Siege - invite your guildmates to play with us and get the prize! Minimal prize is 100 Euro, maximal prize is not definded, it will increase with player amount. 
We are following your sugestions, that is why I encourage you to tell us what you would like to see in future in Forum. 


Cya online!

2021-09-04 22:48

Play 2 Earn!

Hello everyone! 

Today I want to introduce you to our newest innovation in server - CASH PRIZE for Castle Siege!

First Castle Siege with Cash Prize will happen on 18 September 2021
What's the prize? 100 Euro
Winning guilds master will receive the prize to his/her PayPal account (worst case - Western Union) and distribution of prize or usage of it will be up to Guild Master. We will not take any responsibility for prize distribution over guild players. However - we will create a list (hopefully - empty) of known Guild Masters - scammers. Yes, IPs, usernames and other data will be collected to prevent these people from creating new guilds and scam again.


Castle Siege event with a Cash prize will happen every 4 weeks. First one - 18 September, next one - 16 October, etc. The prize will be increased if more players join our server. However, it's not gonna be easy to get it, because to enable Castle Siege with a Cash prize these requirements will need to be completed:

1. Minimum 3 attacking guilds in Castle Siege,
2. Each guild minimum 7 players active in Castle Siege (no - not multi-account AFK players or Elf-buffers, but actual players),


GMs will do Castle Siege monitoring with invisible skins. This means any kind of cheating will be punished. 
More details and discussion about the Castle Siege Cash prize will be on FORUM(Click me!).


Have fun and see you all on Castle Siege!

2021-09-02 00:21

Thank you Wupas!

Hello everyone!

Today we say goodbye to our GM - Wupas. He was not with us for long, but he managed to fit in the Team and brought some events for you guys. He left GM team because of personal reasons.
Thank you for being with us! 

Other news - PVP Balance changes:

Summoner => Summoner Damage increased by 8%. However, due to Life Drain skill and Automatic recovery - fights are usually pretty long, 
Elf => Summoner Damage increased by 6%,
Summoner => Elf Damage increased by 4%.

I have also reorganized Forum a bit - created new category for Donate stuff and removed donate infos from Game news. 
BIG NEWS are comming after this Castle Siege event - stay tuned and get ready for some exciting event! 

2021-08-22 00:00

PVP Balance changes

Hello everyone!

We have done some tests and PVP damage was adjusted. Changes made are in BM, DL, Elf and Summoner. 

BM => DL Damage increased by few %,
DL => DL Damage increased by 1% (yes, it's enough),
Elf => DL Damage increased by 3%,
DL => Elf Damage decreased by 2%,
Summoner => DL Damage increased by 1%.
Dark Lord horse Damage Decreasment debuffed to suit servers configs. 

Please note, that all Complex and SD potions are removed from server. They won't be added back. Also buffs from X shop are required to enjoy PVP.


To get WCoin for buffs you might as well use our in-game automated Quiz event - it has 130 different questions, 3 question every 2 hours and each correct answer will give you 70 WCoin. To respond in Quiz question use "/resp answer", for example:
/resp Yes

Offattack server capacity is increased. 

2021-08-20 23:12

Easy start for newbies!

Hello everyone!

From 2 days ago we have added Start Items for newbies - every new character will get Panda Pet, Panda Ring and Small Wings for 2 days! We hope that this small bonus will help you to get started quicker and easier! 

All other most importand updates and changes are posted in our Forum! Don't forget to vote for us every day to get amazing rewards from Vote Reward system. 
See you online!

2021-08-11 16:29

Grand opening!


Server information: 


Started: 3 August 2021
Host location: UK
Hosting provider: OVH (DDoS Protected)


Server list:
1. General Server (PVP) 3000x
2. Offattack Server (Non PVP) 1000x


Server configuration info:
Exp: 3000x (VIP: 5000x)
Drop: 70%
Version: Season 6 Episode 16
Points per level: 5/7/7/7
Maximal stats: 32767
Maximal connections per IP: 3
Unique PvP Balance
All class Combo skill

In website / in game /reset command
Stats: stay
Spells: stay
Items: stay
Reset on spot: ON

Grand Reset:

Require: 50 resets
In website
Stats: stay
Items: stay
Spells: stay
Reward: 750 Gold Credits(VIP: 1250 Gold Credits)
Reward: (VIP: 100 WCoin)


/addstr - add strength
/addagi - add agility
/addvit - add vitality
/addene - add energy
/addcmd - add command
/evo - Evolve to next class
/zen 200000000000 - set own zen to maximal
/reset (auto) - Make a reset in game or turn on/off auto reset.
/post - POST in global chat
/re (on / off / auto) - Show/Hide requests or auto-accept party requests.
/attack - Start auto attack
/offattack - Start offattack in offattack server only.



Freebies are available for all players! We don't offer complete FO FS sets as a freebies - you will need to get them yourself. Our freebies are 3500 Gold Credits for use in Webshop or Market. One person can claim freebies one time. 

What to do?

1. Create account (MUST HAVE)
2. Vote for server on all links on Vote Reward (ONLY REAL VOTES) (MUST HAVE)
3. Like and share our fb page (MUST HAVE)
4. Send a freebie request to our fb page. (MUST HAVE)


Request must include:
1. Character OR Account name,
2. Date and time of last finished vote
3. Information from where you found our server(MUST HAVE)


Freebies will be added as soon as possible, but not later then 12 hours after request is sent (usually faster). 
One person can claim freebies one time.
If you fail to vote for server on all links after 2nd request to do so - freebies will be declined.
If any of requirements will be unfinished - freebies will not be added.

Also all new Characters created after 10.08.2021 will get 2 days of Panda Pet, Panda Ring and Small Wings!  

Vote Reward system

We offer our players to get rewards for doing real votes for our server. Also we give rewards to our TOP10 Voters! Yes, top10!! Be aware, some sites might take up to 1 hours to validate your vote and reward for this site will be added only after your vote is validated. Also, one person can use vote reward only on one account, because if you vote from same IP address 3 times, only one of votes are counted. Be fair to us - we reward you.


Achievement system

In achievement system you can earn extra Gold Credits or other goods when finishing achievements (for example - get max Energy on 1 character or Vote for server 100 times). Achievement system has Laurels (levels). Each laurel level will grant you specific amount of Gold Credits.



We have multi-currency web-market, which means you can sell your good stuff not only for Gold Credits, but also for other goods(Harmony, Sign of Lord, Creation). 



Every 2 weeks we will make auctions for players! Auctions will take place in Loren Market(X: 91, Y: 125). Auctions will be happening in General Server (PVP). First auction will be on 17.07.2021 18:00 Server Time. Currency in auctions will be Sign of Lord, which can be looted in Blood Castle, Devil Square, Crywolf event, Kanturu event, Medusa, Selupan, Erohim, Lunar Rabbit(5 pieces of Sign of Lord), Skeleton King(3 pieces), Red Dragon(3 pieces) and boxes(GM Events, event prizes, Box of Kundun). In auctions we will auction NEW DONATE ITEMS(Season 8 - Season 16 items for all classes). Auctioned items will be FS FO. 


1. Minimal bid for items is announced together with item, but not less then 20 Sign of Lord.
2. One player(not one account, not one character - one PLAYER) can buy maximal 2 items - we need everyone to get a chance to get Donate items for free!
3. In time of bidding I expect from you silence. We don't chit chat in auction time. We DO chitchat in time between items - while Trade is being made or before next item anouncement. 
4. All players who are comming to auction MUST BE WITHOUT WINGS. 
5. If player makes a bid, but can not pay it right away - after bidding for item is finished - player is disqualified from ALL auctions! No second chances!
6. Auction will start with Seed Sphere packs - Seed Sphere packs are not counted in Total Item count that user can buy. You can buy, for example, 3 Seed Packs + 2 items. We count only items, not the seeds. 
7. Sign of Lord and Donate - these things doesn't work together. Don't try offering money to Admins for SOL. 


New Items

New items will be introduced every 2 weeks in Auctions! Those items will be exclusive. 



Maximal EXC Options: 6
Maximal socket options: 5 (Only empty socket)
Maximal item level: +15
Maximal additional option: +28 / +7% HP rec.


VIP System:

VIPs has great benefits in game and in website. 


Reset level: 320
Grand reset reward: 1250 Gold Credits
Grand reset second reward: 100 WCoin
Exp: 5000x
Exp in Offattack server: 5000x
Drop: 70% (SAME)
Master exp: Increased by 200%
Vote reward increase: 100%


PVP Balance

PVP balance in our server is made for all class to be equal as much as it is possible (NO - they don't have equal HP, SD, attack speed, but their DAMAGE is TESTED and adjusted to give both equal chances). PVP balance is made for use of Combo skill, not single skill kill(Except Dark Lord and Rage Fighter, their single skill is much faster then combo skill casting). If you can do combo very fast - you will win the fight, but if you can do combo + drink potions - you are a PRO! PVP was balanced with Full Socket sets and Full Socket weapons using all available buffs from X Shop. If you want to fight without buffs - that will not be possible. 
ANY MACRO/AUTO KEYBOARD/SUPER COOL GAMING MOUSE/SELF-MADE ROBOT WHO DRINK POTIONS USE IS NOT ALLOWED. It is 3rd party software, that is not your skills. We value pure skills.


Boss and Event drops

Boss and event drops are configured to make gameplay more exciting and give them a reason to be. You can see drop list from events/boses here(CLICK ME).


Caslte Siege.

Castle Siege will be happening once a week. Castle Day is Sunday 12:00 Server time. Winners of Castle Siege will gain exclusive access to Land of Trials(LoT) map - Sign of Lord(Erohim) / Ancient item / Jewel of Creation drop rates there will be much higher! That will help Castle Owner guild players to Win auctions and also finish their non-donate gears faster then others! YES! Land of Trials DOES HAVE SPOTS!


Custom drops from boxes.

We have custom drops from boxes, they are made as Jewel Box, Pet Box and Seed Box. They will be used in GM events and also they are available in drops from Events/Boses. Box drops are listed here(CLICK ME).


Donate options.

There is an option to donate in our server - you can buy Gold Credits / VIP / Master Level(for lazy ones) / Stats(for lazy ones) / Items / Sets. Some of donate options will be enabled only after first week of server being online to make sure you enjoy the game process without donation at least at start. Donate set and item options infos are available in PM to any ADMIN. 


ADMIN (Main Administrator - English, Latvian, Russian)
Flowery (Administrator - English, Russian)
Happy (Administrator - English, Tagalog)
Kecsi (GameMaster - English, Hungarian)
Sushi (Game Master - English, Latvian)


Online list
Discord Group



Contact Main Administrator:
Discord: ADMIN(Owner#5055)
FB: Send message in fb page
e-mail(donate support): [email protected]
Skype(donate support): deadways.force
Whatsapp(donate support): +371 2534 2539

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