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Game client 1 GB
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Server Stats
Version Season 6 Ep 16
Exp 3000x
Max Stats 32767
Points Per Level 5/7/7
Drop 70%
Opened since 3 July 2021
Full Play2Win options YES
Total Guilds 198
Game Masters 3
Players Online 197
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DenzzQt 313 287 3450 488
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6 LittleTed 400 354 8759 222
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8 Pizarro 298 400 10 200
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10 d3str0y3r 400 400 1276 174
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9 _KamotE_ 1 ghemilz
10 China 1 ElGriss
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Hyons Lighting Sword + 15
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Anubiss Legendary Gloves
Jewel Of Creation Bundle 10p
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Permanent Freebies + FIXES

Hello players and newbies!

Starting from today I have remade all freebies for all classes. Set and Weapons freebies now are permanent, as well as you still have time limited "Small Wings", Panda Pet + Panda Ring. Permanent freebies are automatically added in all new characters, you don't need to PM any GM or ADMIN to request your freebies. We do not give anything else to anyone, please stop asking for extra freebies and "special conditions". :-)

Other news, we had server crash earlier today (3 times in a row), but we don't know why it crashed because source and exe versions were not matching (this is what happens when you postpone an update....). Anyhow, we have applied update on exe with latest fixes and as soon as server crashes again (if it will happen at all) we will know the reason and fix. With current update we have fixed the issue with Offattack + Party + Out-of-Zen disconnect issue (was not working) and we also have balanced DL and RF damage to mobs (PvM). DL and RF damage was even 300% higher then other classes to mobs, which caused huge disbalance in BOSS Hunt and any GM events related to BOSS Hunt. 

Other updates are "on the list", however I will not rush to announce them before they happen, since we all know that "life happens". 


Don't forget to vote for our server in Vote Reward system every day to get really good rewards, make us ranked higher and help us attract new players! :) 
Thank you for trusting in Alpha MuOnline - see you online!

2022-10-25 15:05

Selupan - the first REAL Boss.

Hello players and newbies!

I have created FIRST real boss in game - to kill it you will need party and PATIENCE. 
Selupan boss from today have 285 milj. HP. It can deal good damage and has boosted defense. 
For this boss I have enabled Party kill reward - whole party of killers will be rewarded for killing Selupan boss. In order to get rewarded you need to be "in range". For example, if Selupan Boss is killed by your party, but you are in Lorencia - you will not get rewarded. 
Selupan Goblin Points reward has been increased to 30 GP.
Selupan Drop item count has been increased from 6 to 15 items. That includes all kinds of seeds and Penta Spheres (YES - it CAN drop Max Life or Damage Reduction seeds).

I hope you all will enjoy this small update. 
See you all online and have a great day! 

2022-10-22 09:58

Quests system - additional quests!

Hello players and newbies!

Today I have added 10 more Quests for you in game Quest system. 
As promissed, this Quest milestone (Q30) I have added AMAZING reward! You will get Wings of Power for 5 days, as well as 10k Gold Credits and 500 Goblin Points!

I have also updated the forum tutorial regarding Miscellaneous Items - you can view it here: Miscellaneous Items information.

Other news: /store gcs command for Gold Credits store has been enabled back after latest security updates. We encourage everyone to report suspicious actions and events in our Discord group - to our GM or one of our Admins - ADMIN or LovelyLa.


See you all online, thank you for trusting Alpha Mu Online - we work for you!

2022-10-22 09:43

New GameMaster + Server Engine update!

Hello players and Newbies!

I can proudly announce to you that we finally have a GameMaster! That means that we will have daily events in server, as well as someone is going to be there to respond to your questions! 
Name of our new GameMaster is Zenitsu. He is a loyal player to Alpha MuOnline, he was active when everyone else has already left. He has no previous expierience in Mu Online "gamemastering" job, so keep that in mind, give him time to get comfortable. :) Welcome to The Team! 


Other news - tonight we will have server maintenance which is required to apply new updates on Server Engine. 
These new updates will enable us to manage the server easier, as well to preset new features. Here is list of changed things (not all, since most of updates are meant to ease Administration management of server).

1) Overkill Anti-Dupe system.
2) Guild Assistant will be able to take castle in ReiDoMu ( King Of Mu In Devias ) - Event to be enabled soon.
3) Guild Assistant To Take Castle Siege Crown - GM and AGM Switch seconds are not counted together. This update is required for cases when Guild Master can not get to CS in time, but AGM is available.
4) Custom Boss update, enable Party members rewards of killing the Boss Monster. This feature will give reward to all party members who are participating in kill of BOSS and are in range of it.
5) Kalima Party Log Save - This will enable us to monitor people who are joining Open Party(AFK people) and teleporting them to Kalima by dropping ticket on them. Actions will be taken towards trolls.
6) Allow DL Summon & SM TeleportAlly In CastleSiege Maps ONLY - Summon and Teleport Ally skills will be enabled back, but you will not be able to use them to teleport Open Party players to different maps, away from spots.
7) Offattack update - Server will follow players ZEN leftover - if ZEN left is less then required for next Reset - user will be disconnected. This will prevent Offattack people from taking the spots in maps without any use of it.
8) Donate NPC (Next to Lorencia Bar, selling for GP) now will generate legitimate Serial Numbers(and add to LOG) to all bought items, as well as item buy/sell log is added for easier tracking of items, as well as overall security of your grinded items, in case if someone uses your account access data from other server. Sadly, some "admins" do that. Always make sure to use different username and password in all online games - take care of your own account security. 
9) All users who will use /offattack command now automatically will have /re auto (automatic party accept) enabled. This will further solve the "not enough spots" issue in the server.
10) Improved security for Personal Store. We have applied "never before used or tried" security update on Personal Shop currency Dupe. - This should completly stop anyone who try to Dupe with Personal Shop. However, if this will not disable all possible methods - we still got Server Logs and we can track WHO, WHEN did it and take actions against these people. They are ruining your fun, the will face the consequences. 
11) VIP users now will have access to /offpvp command. - You can leave your character AFK as a VIP without worries about fact that someone might kill you while you are having a rest. /offpvp command will be disabled automatically in case if VIP user enters Event or in case if VIP expire.
12) VIP will be activated automatically - without need to re-log in to the server. This is specially usefull to people who are getting VIP from Vote Reward system - it will be activated automatically even if you are AFK and you will not lose not even 1 second from valuable VIP time. 

Obviously there are some more updates, but those will not affect the "average player" anyhow - simple will make ADMIN and LovelyLa life easier. 
Server maintenance is planned 18 October 2022   22:00-22:05 Server Time. Server time is visible here - in website above the Download button. 


Once again, thank for trusting in Alpha Mu Online - we work for you. See you all online, have a great day!

2022-10-18 10:40

Quest system - additional Quests.

Hello players and newbies!

Today we have added 5 more quests to Quest system. 
In this new quests you will need some seeds (Seed level explanation is posted to Forum) as well as some other simple lootable items. Rewards, as expected, are increased from phase of 11-15 Quest to next milestone value. Quest 20 will grant you with milestone reward of 900 WCoinC (you will need WCoinC later on for PVP Buffs from X Shop), 4000 Gold Credits (obviously, Gold Credits are rewarded in between Quest 16-20, just smaller amounts) and 250 Goblin Points for Donate Item NPC Shop. To start Quest20 you will need 400 Level + 35 or more Grand Resets. 

Starting from this point, GrandReset requirement for Quests will increase much slower, since abuse-possible part is far behind us. 
With next Quests we will add even more Gold Credits, more Goblin Points and as a reward for next milestone (Q30 will be next milestone) you will have 4th level Wings for your class (the one that you are doing quest with) for 5 days! 

Other news:

1. Bloodangel set is now available for donation. All details are posted in forum. For any questions contact owner of the project - ADMIN. 
2. /store gcs command has been temporary disabled
3. New updates are being worked on and server restart will be required sometime by the end of this week. It will be announced 24h before the actual restart. (simple restart of programms, don't speculate about wipes, please)


Contact Main Administrator:
Discord: ADMIN(Owner#5055)
FB: Send message in fb page
e-mail(donate support): [email protected]
Skype(donate support): deadways.force
Whatsapp(donate support): +447510990377

2022-10-10 10:45

VIP System upgraded and enchanted!

Hello players and newbies!

I have upgraded our VIP System to make it more beneficial to players. As a main reason for this was to make Vote Reward VIP Rewards more tempting, but since we don't live in fairy tale, we all understand that there also are financial concerns behind this upgrade. :)
However, each week 10 players will get Free VIP from Vote Reward system (if you aim for Vote Reward free VIP, I suggest you use the non-vip time to grind Resets and VIP time to do Grand Resets - simply to maximise your profits from Free VIP). I am also working on other solutions on topic "how to provide players with free and automatic VIP".

VIP system benefits are listed below:

Reset level: 320 level (In game and in website)
Grand reset reward: 1250 Gold Credits (Website only)
Grand reset second reward: 76 Goblin Points (Website only)
Exp: 5000x
Exp in Offattack: 5000x
Exp in Auto Reset: 5000x
Drop: 70% (SAME)
Master exp: Increased by 200%
Vote reward increase: 100%
Reset cost normal: 20kk zen
Reset cost VIP: 5kk zen

Vip price is made of 2 parts:

VIP Day = 1 Euro/day,
VIP Package = 5 Euro,
Minimal days = 5 days
Maximal days = 100 days

For example,

VIP 5 days cost = 5x1 euro (days) + 5 euro (package fee) = 10 euro
VIP 10 days cost = 10x1 euro (days) + 5 euro (package fee) = 15 euro

Special VIP days offers(available ONLY ON SELECTED DAYS):

VIP 7 Days = 1 euro discount (Final price: 11 euro)
VIP 14 Days = 2 euro discount (Final price: 17 euro)
VIP 21 Days = 4 euro discount (Final price: 22 euro)
VIP 28 Days = 6 euro discount (Final price: 27 euro)
VIP 42 Days = 11 euro discount (Final price: 36 euro)
VIP 56 Days = 15 euro discount (Final price: 46 euro)

Vip 8 days(example), VIP 13 days(example) doesn't have any additional discount. Only days counts listed above has special price

Once again - thanks for trusting in Alpha Mu Online. We work for you.
Have a great day and see you all online!

2022-10-04 13:51

Quest system is activated!

Hello players and newbies!

Quest system has been finally activated. At this point in time we have just 15 quests, however I will keep working on it to make YOUR gameplay AMAZING!

For last Quest (Q15) you will need 25 Grand Resets + 400 level (If your Grand Resets are more then required, you can proceed with Quest anyway).
To activate, move to next Quest level or next Quest phase use command "/quest" - without "".
Quest system has following rewards:

1. WCoinC
2. Gold Credits
3. Goblin Points
4. Buffs (currently just on Q1 and Q10)
5. Items (currently not added on any quest level, for now...)

Milestone Quests (Q10, Q15 and later on new milestones after updates) will grant you with significantly higher rewards. Quest rewards will increase after each "milestone" Quest is finished. 
For now it is not really required, but once again new Quests will be added - also Quest knowlage-base will be added in Forum. 

Regarding Quest system abuse (creating new characters, completing first Quest levels and deleting Character after) - it is not worth it. I made sure that first levels are not so much rewarding to be worth spending time on abuse. However, if you finish (or just fed up) with Quests on your character - you can start them on new character any time. There is no limitations on this matter. 


Once again - thanks for trusting in Alpha Mu Online. We work for you.
Have a great day and see you all online!

2022-10-03 23:36

Market System v0.4 + Server Update!

Hello players and newbies!

Today we have added new update on server. This will enable us to improve further our Market System in server. Obviously, everyone got disconnected because of it. In case if you had any characters in offattack - feel free to reconnect them. 

New update includes update on Store (in game). 
From today you can make Gold Credit Store in game. For now, in order to open Gold Credits Store, you will need to use command. However, with next update we will add button in Game Client Store section for this.

Opening Gold Credits store requires following:

1. Put items for sale in Store and add their desired price (keep in mind - it will be price in Gold Credits)
2. After all items and price is added use command "/store gcs" - without ".
3. If you did everything correct, you will see that your character will have a Store opened with name of ".::Gold Credit Store::."

This update also includes required improvements server-side to enable us to improve our Quest system rewarding - so it is not "default", but fits perfectly for our server needs! 
Yes, Quest system is being developed and first quests are already made, however some few additional small things needs to be done to make sure that we can use it as we need - to make YOUR gameplay AMAZING and unforgetable! 
Also, syntax for Goblin Points Store has been changed, since for mortal-non_admin-human understanding what is meaning of WCG-STORE is quite a challange to understand. 

With this all said, I hope you are having great time in our beloved Alpha MuOnline and I will see you all online! 

2022-10-03 22:30

Character Market.

Hello players and newbies!

We have recently made some changes in Character Market.
First of all, Characters now can be "blacklisted" from Character Market. Character blacklisting will happen if you will try to use Character MARKET to move the character to your own account(account1 to account2 or similar). This is for two simple reasons, first of all it is Market, not a tool to transfer Characters. 2nd reason is Achievements abuse, some people been abusing Achievements on multiple accounts with Character Transfers between own accounts. 

Also few other changes was done. 
Character Market will now use GP (Goblin Points) as a currency. At this point in time it might seem as "not required", but as server keeps growing, you will notice that people will sell their 200+ Grand Reset Characters to earn addition GP for Donate Items (More info: Bonus HP SystemMarket System(Donate items in NPC).)
Also, Character SELL and BUY fees are added. 
Character SELL fee is 1% of selling price, which will be deducted from SELLER at the moment of Character posting to Character Market. This fee will not be refunded if Character is withdrawned from Market.
Character BUY fee also is 1%, which will be deducted from BUYER account at the moment of Character purchase. This fee will not be added to SELLER account, if will go in "Server Pot". 

Have a good day, will see you all online!

2022-09-27 12:10

Bonus HP System!

Hello players and newbies!

We have added Bonus HP system in our server. 

This system will gain you additional HP for each Grand Reset that you make up until 30000 BONUS HP!
How it works?

Each Grand Reset on your character will increase your maximal HP by +150.
Maximal HP Bonus is +30k HP.
VIP users with each Grand Reset will earn +200 HP with same Maximal HP Bonus amount.
After VIP expire, your Bonus HP will go back to normal (+150 HP for each Grand Reset).
All Grand Resets which you have made before the system was activated are also counted in bonus.

Maximal HP Bonus is active only in main GameServer - it is not yet activated in Castle Siege server. It will be activated later on, when we will know exact impact of Bonus HP on PVP and PVP Balance. I am pretty sure, that adjustments to balance will be required. 

2022-09-26 01:30