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Server Stats
Version Season 6 Ep 16
Exp 9999x
Max Stats 32767
Points Per Level 5/7/7
Drop 70%
Opened since 3 July 2021
Full Play2Win options YES
Total Guilds 505
Game Masters 7
Players Online 413

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Top Characters
Name ML Lvl RR GR
Sh0bo-SM 400 400 1797 3000
Sector7 400 400 1443 2000
Chipmunks 400 234 9775 1771
4 MGsectoR7 400 400 8365 1444
5 Royal 400 4 7393 1334
6 Kanakles 400 400 5417 1199
7 Khrysos 400 400 10000 1159
8 CharaDW 400 400 5645 1100
9 Maximo 400 314 6484 1097
10 BaZiL 400 27 113 1084

Top Guilds
Name Score Master
HideOUT 48 -Penta
!ELIT3! 42 MrFluffy
4 BROTHERS 22 Ysaak
6 X-AH-JIN 5 DLChuChai
7 WASALAK 4 Gregor
8 YinYang 4 KissXsiss
10 Fulcrum 3 LEDOKOL

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Quest system updated!

Hello players and newbies!

I have added 15 new Quests in to our Quest system. Right now total amount of Quests is 45. 
I have also created Quests Ranking in our Rankings page. You can view and compare your Quest progress with other players.

Quests 35, 40, 45 will give you additional prize of Old Jewelry Cases (5x on each). 
This is the boxes which GMs use in DROP Events. They can drop good/bad seeds and they can drop CHAOS CARD!!!

I hope you all enjoy this small update.


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you all online!

2022-12-22 11:58


Hello players and newbies!

Today were applied fixes to "better-then-VIP" spots in 3 maps as well as fixes are applied in website Webshop section to some items, which had wrong class display. 
If you find any more better-then-VIP spots, please report them to me in discord. First reporter reward is 6000 Goblin Points as soon as it is fixed. 
Same goes to Webshop items - if you notice that something is off, please report it.

Looks like "stuck" issue is fixed completly and we can forget about it. This gives me opportunity to concentrate to more gameplay improvements.


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you online!

2022-12-20 03:26

Maintenance - MORE GOOD NEWS!

Hello players and newbies!

This is a great evening - problem of people getting stuck in the game is LOCATED and FIXED. Problem involve multiple server .exe's and was not easy to locate, it took our developer over a month to go over ALL the code and find that ONE missing break; in 2 server programs. This will also fix the warehouse issue of few accounts (those who had the issue will know what I am talking about here). Anyway, we need to apply this fix ASAP, that means one more maintenace is required. 

Maintenance will take place on 17 December 12:00 Server Time
All online accounts will be disconnected, that includes also those in /offattack.
Expected offline time is up to 5 minutes.

I will not yet bring back the unique S16Maps subserver system, however that will be possible and should cause 0 problems, so that is one of the things on "to-do" list. Right now we will apply this fix and give it a few days to see if no other weird issues appear. 


Thank you for trust in Alpha MuOnline, see you all online and not-stuck! 

2022-12-16 21:50

Christmas discounts!

Hello players and newbies!

Christmas will be here very, very soon! Nice reason for discounts, right? :)

Until 27 December(including 27th) we are offering you 25% discount on all DONATE ITEMS. This discount does not apply for VIP, however Donation Weekend Discounts on VIP packages has also been actiavted! 
Donate items info is here:
GCash donations info here:


Alpha MuOnline team wishes you all cheerful, calm and full of happiness Christmas! 
We havesome big goals for next year, but lets talk about them in some other news post. 

Thank you for trust in Alpha MuOnline, see you online!

2022-12-16 20:42

Planned maintenance.

Hello players and newbies!

We have planned next maintenance on 14 December 12:00 Server Time. You can view server time in website - above the blue Download button. 
We are still addressing issue of Stuck Accounts in the game. On this maintenance all offattack grinding accounts also will be disconnected. 
Please connect them back at your convenience. Thank you.
Expected offline time is 2 - 3 minutes.

You can always contact me and our GMs in our Discord channel, the join button is on bottom of the page - small discord icon or simply use this link:

Keep in mind, if your account is stuck in server, I can not help you anyhow until next maintenace. You are getting stuck under wrong ID in GameServer RAM. It requires a restart to fix. We are looking for "root" of the problem to fix it permanently. 


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you all online! 

2022-12-14 01:06

Planned maintenance!

Hello players and newbies!

We will have planned maintenance TODAY 21:00 SERVER TIME. Server time is visible in Website above the Download button.
All accounts, including offattack accounts, will be disconnected during the maintenance. Connect them back at your convinience after the maintenance.

Expected offline time - 2 to 3 minutes.


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you online!

2022-12-09 17:47

Free VIP Event!

Hello players and newbies!

As we all know, VIP is something very very helpful when it comes to Mu Online. Since in our server VIP has a lot of benefits, which include things like VIP MAPS, VIP SPOTS, VIP COMMANDS and VIP Grand Reset Reward(Goblin Points), I have decided to launch FREE VIP EVENT in our Forum. 

In this event all you have to do is - PLAY. Easy as that, full Play2Win option which will enable you to enjoy VIP benefits and help you to reach "end-game sets" faster. You can view all the details of the Event in our forum, I tried to explain it in detail as much as I could possibly think of. In case if some people will have any more SENSIBLE questions (by that I mean that person asking the question will ACTUALLY read the topic first), then I will add the Question and Answer to the Q&A section in the Event post. Link to the event:

Navigate to event from your account:
Log in => Click on Forum => Scroll down to Do-something events => Click on the first Topic (it will always be first, it is pinned).


Also, our maintenance has been finished, we now have new feature which I talked about in previous News Post. We still need to test it (hopefully, not...) 


We have a new Game Master in game! Filipino players will be happy, since GameMaster is from Philippines, he can help you in your native language. This person does have GM experience and is feeling confortable with responding to questions. Long-time Alpha MuOnline player. Welcome to the team!


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you online!

2022-12-03 23:27

Planned maintenance.

Hello players and newbies!

We will have planned maintenance on 3 December 22:00 server time

With this maintenance we will further address the issue with accounts getting stuck online while teleporting between servers. 
In case if your account is stuck, it will be fixed during this maintenance. Sadly, I can not help you anyhow until then, because to fix your stuck account I have to restart the GameServers.

After this maintenance we will also have update server-side which will enable us to manually disconnect the stuck accounts, meaning we will not have to do maintenances just because people are stuck. 
However, developer informed that this server-side disconnect feature will be effective only in about 50% cases, since there are MUTLIPLE causes why people are getting stuck online. Our developer and all our team in general are doing everything in our power to fix this issue permanently. 

Sorry for inconvenience. If you have accounts in "/offattack", then they will be disconnected during this maintenance. Feel free to connect them back as soon as you have a chance to do so. 
Expected duration of maintenance is 2-3 minutes.


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you online!

2022-12-02 17:18

VIP and Market system update!

Hello players and newbies!

Many of players have been telling me that Castle Siege is not worth anything(specially waiting the fight for whole week). 
With this sad thought in mind I have made this exciting new update for Castle Siege lovers, as well as GRIND lovers. 

What was done:

1. Mu Helper in Land of Trials (LOT) map is now disabled,
2. Added Sphere(Penta) drops in Land of Trials map(low rate),
3. Added Sphere(Penta) drops in Land of Trials map BOSS Erohim(low-medium rate),
4. Added CHAOS CARD drops in Land of Trials (very, very low rate) - amazing Play2Win option,
5. Added Fenrir crafting materials drops in Land of Trials (low-ish rate, need plenty to craft) - Fenrir is not available for Donation at all.

Also, VIP system is now updated. Few more updates to Server Engine are required to "finish" the VIP system, those will be applied this month. As usual, maintenance will be announced, however, until then, the update has already been added and VIPs now have following benefits:

1. Special VIP Maps: Barracks and Refuge,
2. VIP Spots in VIP Maps: 28 mobs per multi-spot,
2.1. VIP Spots: Total 9 spots which can host total of 45 users (5 users per party)
3. Special easy-to-use MOVE commands for VIP maps: "/vip1" and "/vip2"
4. VIP maps can be accessed from Level 10. This will come in handy for Grand Reset grinders. 

Keep in mind, I am trying to keep this server Play2Win - you can earn Free VIP in Vote Reward weekly rewards. Soon we will also have Forum event for FREE VIP. 
Don't be shy, if you have ideas for EVENTS, post them in Forum and let us know - we can make it happen. 


Thank you for trust in Alpha Mu Online, see you all online!

2022-12-01 03:31

Planned maintenance.

Hello players and newbies!

We have planned server maintenance on 22 November 22:00 Server Time

We are currently addressing the previous mentioned problems of people getting "stuck" in the server(s) and people not being able to warp between servers (Gameserver => S16Maps Server and Crywolf(Castle Siege) server). 
Also, with this update we will add additional LOGS of errors in server to help us understand possible future problems quicker and deliver the fix of it sooner. 

Maintenace will take 1 - 2 minutes, so auto reconnect should connect you back in already fixed servers. However, OFFATTACKs does not have auto reconnect. We encourage you to put your farming characters back online whenever you got time for it. 

2022-11-22 13:36